Escape & Evasion

“There is always the possibility that you may face capture by the enemy. It is our job to give you information (Secret) which will help you in knowing what to do and what not to do in such circumstances.”

Opening paragraph of the MIS-X manual Evasion in Europe, dated 1944
Boeing B-17F of the 95th Bomb Group limps home after a mission over occupied Europe. Many did not come home, their crews being forced to bail out and join the ever-growing numbers of Allied aircrew captives in Axis camps. Courtesy the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Welcome to Escape and Evasion – the history of military evasion and escape, the devices produced, and the training provided.

Our story centres on WWII when Britain’s MI9 and America’s MIS-X were established to provide escape and evasion support to Allied soldiers on an industrial scale. 

However, our content is not restricted solely to WWII – escape and evasion practices have seen use in every conflict since, now being known by modern Forces as SERE (Survive, Evade Resist and Extract).

Beyond an overview of this fascinating history, visit our ‘items for sale’ page to find genuine E&E devices, and also a wide variety of modern, high quality and fully representative replica devices. We also provide research help, are able to value collections and support all forms of media (film, TV, radio, etc).

Phil is one of the foremost authorities in the field of WWII evasion and escape material. After twelve years of research, in 2015 he published his acclaimed book titled “Evasion and Escape devices produced by MI9, MIS-X and SOE in WWII”.

So once again, welcome to our website and please feel free to get in touch.

David Lyons & Phil Froom

A selection of escape and evasion devices from WW2, including miniature compasses and saws secreted in a variety of objects such as chess sets, combs, pens, buttons, cigarette lighters and so on.