Items for Sale

Here you will find genuine escape and evasion devices, and also a wide variety of modern, high quality and fully representative replica devices for Air and Special Forces re-enactors. 

We endeavour to accurately describe and photograph the items for sale. The items are clearly described and you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that each items comes with a money back guarantee. Please see our terms.

If there is a genuine item you seek, or a replica item you would like sourced, just let us know.



Item 1 – Replica MK.I Survival Aid – £POA

Museum quality replica of Clayton Hutton’s first Survival Aid. Please note, most of the components are handmade on a per order basis, therefore a lead time applies. Please enquire for further details.

Hutton decided that an existing W.D. & H.O. Wills cigarette tin (the Flat 50) would come close to meeting his needs, especially since they were designed to fit in a suit pocket. These were populated with energy pills, water sterilising tablets, matches, a rubber water bottle, blade and compass. They were taped around the seam and issued to aircrews.


Items 2 – Replica Goldfish Club Badge – £30 + P&P

A high quality replica of the badge awarded to service personnel who came down ‘in the drink’. The badge was generally worn by Naval aircrews upon their Mae Wests. Many RAF & USAAF aircrew placed their badge under the flap of their left hand uniform pocket.


Item 3 – Replica – IS9 WEA ‘Three Witches Badge’ – £30 + P&P

MI9/IS9 Western European Area (WEA) was established on 14th January 1944. The Three Witches formation patch worn for just 10 months by IS9 (WEA) and associated units in Holland 1944-1945, thought to be the only specific insignia worn by MI9/IS9 during the war. Note – there is only a handful of known original badges. Most, if not, all of these badges for sale are recent fakes.


Item 4 – MI9 / SOE Escape Tool – £1600 + P&P (Over 18s Only)

Scarce Clayton Hutton Escape Tool or knife. This device was based on an existing design of heavy duty clasp knife tool – complete with integrated wire cutter. Clayton Hutton enhanced his design to provide escape and evaders with a studier tool, sufficient to meet the demands These tools were shipped into POW camps using the ‘Dynamite’ method, issued to SOE agents and supplied to partisan forces resisting the Axis. This example correctly has no maker’s mark (sterile), and – unlike many examples – has all blades present. Two blades are missing the very end of their tips.