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About Us

Phil Froom

Following his graduation from a British military college, Phil was inducted into the British Army Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare organisations at the height of the Cold War. Serving in Cyprus, Belize, Germany and Northern Ireland, Phil spent nine years in the Intelligence community before leaving the Army for a career in Defence Electronics. Following his military career, Phil transitioned to the private sector defence industry, working alongside NATO forces, delivering electronic warfare and joint forces solutions to government agencies, conventional, and Special Forces globally.

Having received significant evasion and escape training during his service with the British Army on the Rhine during the Cold War, Phil became intrigued by evasion and escape material, and is now one of the foremost authorities in the field of WW2 evasion and escape material, being both a collector and historian in the field. After twelve years of research, in 2015 he published his acclaimed book titled “Evasion and Escape devices produced by MI9, MIS-X and SOE in WWII”. 

David Lyons

David is a management consultant and over the years has worked for many household names. He has travelled extensively including time spent in Siberia, Russia with the British Army (The Green Howards) where he practised survival skills in sub-zero temperatures.

David has a real-life ‘escaper’ in the family. His Great Uncle Pat Fergusson was incarcerated in Colditz, punishment for escaping a series of PoW camps. Pat’s designated role in Colditz was to brew illicit hooch, which by all accounts “tasted terrible, but did the job!”

A medal and militaria collector and military historian, David lives in England, and has two children.


We are happy to support Evasion, Escape, Prisoner of War, Air War, Re-enactment or any such related events, and where required can provide show and tell material to explain to your visitors or guests.

We also have experience in the support of TV events, such as Guy Martin’s Great Escape, either as off-screen subject matter experts or varying forms of on-screen support.

Evening event speaking, including talks on MI9 and of course the myriad of innovative escape devices they produced – again with genuine material to share with your guests.

As you will see elsewhere on the site, Phil published a definitive work on the escape devices produced by MI9, SOE and MIS-X, and he is happy to conduct book signings at any relevant events.

Verification and valuation of escape material can be conducted, either by secure shipment of the items to us, or with payment of travel expenses, through us visiting you. We are also interested in buying what you may wish to sell, so please contact us.